• To lead the surface finishing industry with innovations that create opportunities and offer a cleaner, brighter future.

Create Opportunites:

  • For Good Design - 70 percent of our work is specified from ARIDO Interior Designers.
  • For Innovation - 80 percent of our decorative paint finishes sold are finishes created in the last three years.
  • To Last - 100 percent of our finishes are formulated and registered, making needed maintenance accurate and cost effective.

Cleaner, Brighter Future:

  • For Our Environment - 1998, began using low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints.
  • From Our Carbon Footprint - 2008, began operating our Studio using power from low impact hydro and wind sources.
  • From Our Consumption - 2006, replaced our large operating vans to more fuel-efficient mini vans. 2008, purchased a hybrid vehicle for our Studio support staff.